Mud Puddles & Dandelions Nature Preschool

14 Hillcrest Dr. Lucas, TX

Our Daily Rhythm

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Day at a Glance

All children arrive at school through the main classroom where they are greeted by the teacher. A healthy breakfast is served between 7:30am and 8:45am. Our daily activities begin immediately followiing breakfast. We ask that all children arrive at school by 9:00am, as any later is a disruption to our morning rhythm and causes the child to lose valuable class time. 

Our morning activities typically include greeting circle, outdoor play, art or sensory projects, and our life skill activity. Though we have a daily schedule of activities that we follow, we consider our schedule to be flexible. If the children are particularly engaged in a project or activity then we will likely devote more time to that activity than was originally allotted. Our art or sensory projects typically incorporate some element of the natural world and may be an individual or group project. All individual art projects are sent home with the children. Our special life skill activity varies by day. For a detailed daily schedule and  weekly schedule of our life skill activities please see link below. 

Lunch is served at 12:00pm, daily. A weekly lunch menu is provided to all families on this website under the lunch tab. An alternative lunch is always available to children who are unable to consume our planned lunch for any reason. The  children participate in lunch preparation, setting the table, and clean up. Provided lunches are always healthy and often include fruits and vegetables that we have harvested from our own garden.
Quiet time takes place between 12:30pm and 3:00pm. We encourage all children to rest but those who do not nap will be given a quiet activity to work on during this time. Lavender oils are  diffused during the quiet period to promote restfulness.

Quiet time ends at approximately 3:00pm and is followed by our afternoon snack. All children are asked to put away their own nap materials and assist in preparing the table for snack. Our afternoon activities include outdoor play, a reading or logic activity, our closing circle time, and indoor creative play. All children should be picked up from the main classroom by 6:00pm.     
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Daily and Activity Schedules